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The breaking point…


You’ve been there haven’t you? You can get there in so many different circumstances. It can apply to relationships or health issues or finances. Mine came with Cox Communications.

You’ve all seen the video of the guy trying to break up with ComCast? I identify. I wasn’t trying to break up with them. (Actually they are hanging on by a thread because we ditched cable tv from them and just kept the internet.) I was trying to change the credit card my autopay was charged to every month.

I was rather disgruntled about the whole process in the first place. We have had the same credit card for 30 years. Twice they have changed our account numbers when items appeared on the statement that were not ours. This time they claim they needed to issue new cards and account numbers because they were “growing” and needed to update. Bull! I theorize their data was compromised internally by a hacker and thus everyone got new cards. It is just a smoke screen they are giving us as a reason. And this same 2 week period required a new issuance of my debit card by another bank because I used it at Home Depot once in the last 6 months. Why aren’t they getting cards with chips like the rest of the world uses? But I digress…

Today the new card had to be activated and the old one was killed at their end. So I made a list of all the places that I use the old numbered card to auto pay bills, etc. Of the 6 websites I visited this morning to accomplish my task, all were a piece of cake except for Cox. All of them sent me a verifying email that the new card was in effect. Not Cox. Their website is a tangled mess anyway, so I needed to know if the change I made went through. They encouraged me to call them on their account hotline with any issues I had. So I called.

It took me about 10 minutes on their automated line to finally believe me when I pushed “0” to talk to an representative. Then I was shuffled to 3 actual people before I got to one that would help me. Oh, I shouldn’t have said help. She took all my information to access the account. I asked her to verify that the changes I made online had gone through. She asked who I was. Whoops! It seems I am not authorized to make changes to the account. Only my husband could make those changes. Never mind I had spent almost a half hour on their site doing just that. I told her all I needed from her was the last 4 digits of the card that would be billed. Simple. No big disclosure on her part there. She insisted she could not do it. She suggested I have (my extremely busy and overworked) husband do this. She would be glad to help him or to have him add me as an authorized… BAM! I hit the breaking point. And for the first time in my life (honest!) I was not only rude to a service rep but crude as well. “Oh, fuck it!” I yelled and slammed down the phone.

It has been 2 hours since this went down. My adrenaline is still pumping. I had to tell someone. So I told you!

Side note: I went back on their website about 30 minutes later and checked the billing page. Sure enough, the new number was now in use. The call was for naught. My checks are a little red. lol


The Unwashed

ImageIn the news this week the CEO of Levi’s announced, “Do not wash your Levi’s!” Yes, you read it right. Don’t wash them. This scrambles my brain!

I watched an interview with Anderson Cooper from CNN a few years ago where he said he never washed his jeans. He confessed he had jeans decades old that had never been washed. (Giggle! For sure he doesn’t go commando!) In my mind I rationalized that what he was really saying was that he had them dry cleaned, clean-cut guy that he is.

I’ve never dry cleaned an item in my life. I shy away from buying clothes with those labels. If I do buy a blouse that would fade badly or never look the same once washed, I choose to wear it only when I know I can keep it clean. You know – not around the little grandkids or out for a BBQ dinner. I’ve been pretty successful at it. But when it comes to jeans. Huh? My jeans would soon be able to stand in the corner by themselves if never washed. I tend to wipe my hands on my jeans when I cook. They get pretty crusty in just a day. There is no way I could never wash them.

One advantage of not washing a pair of jeans would be the fit. Have you ever taken a fresh pair of jeans out of the dryer to put on? They fit like new but not like “mine”. They are tighter than they were when last worn. Sometimes I have to wear them unzipped for a bit to stretch them out before I can zip them. It makes me wonder how teens get by these days with their skin-tight pants. My granddaughter might just as well paint them on. Do hers fit better or worse after washing? There must be a lot of spandex in them!

My husband likes his jeans dark denim. When they start to fade he is ready to move on to a new pair. I’ve shown him in the stores how light jeans are OK to wear. You can buy them that way. With holes in them already even! He shakes his head. Could he go without washing his jeans? Not at all. He is a working man. His jeans get dirty kneeling on the floor or working in a muddy construction zone. And… they need washing so they no longer drag in the butt and fit his tush nicely again. And… he has a cup of coffee in his hand nearly all the time. He swears it is his cups that dribble. Nope. His jeans must be washed.

I think back to my first pair of jeans. Our school did not allow girls to wear pants of any kind. We had to wear skirts or dresses. In the winter when I had to walk to school in snow and cold, I wore a pair of slacks under my skirt that had to be taken off in the restroom before class started. My husband encouraged me to buy a pair of jeans when we started dating in 1968. He took me to the men’s store and we bought a pair. They were dark, stiff denim. We took them to the laundromat after we both got off work that evening to give them a good washing, breaking them in a bit. I was so excited to have them! It was the first pair of I don’t know how many hundreds I’ve had in the 45 years since.

The only advantage to not washing jeans would be their longevity. I would imagine a pair would last forever. So isn’t it counter-intuitive for Levi’s to encourage us not to wash them?

UPDATE: This link to HLN carries this discussion a little further. http://www.hlntv.com/article/2014/05/23/levis-ceo-dont-wash-jeans-how-to-clean-denim-audience-reaction?hpt=hln10_7