Out of the headlines…

stop abuse campaign

I can’t go anywhere in media without seeing the video of the professional football player decking his wife in an elevator then carrying her limp body out into the hallway. Now every morning show is having experts talk about why she is defending him. Life is so odd sometimes.

What I could never understand is how anger becomes violence. I get angry sometimes. I will slam some doors or throw something. My mind never goes to actually harming someone in the wake of my anger. I think I am in a majority here.

So what escalates anger to violence? A supremacy of the male ego? Ultimate control? Testosterone overage? A flashback to the playground? I do know that more often as not women stay with these abusers because in this society they have no other options. They need to stay in order to keep their children fed, clothed, and sheltered. Women of means stay in order to save face in the world. Some say they actually love their abuser and can’t imagine a life without him in it. This is all messed up, people!

The one way to stop it all would be to stop the violence. Be angry, yes. Be violent in that anger, no! Just walk away and deal with the issue in a calmer mind-frame. Be a grown up. imagine it is your daughter at the receiving end. Stop it!


3 thoughts on “Out of the headlines…

  1. Wyrd Smythe

    “What I could never understand is how anger becomes violence. I will slam some doors or throw something.”

    Slamming doors and throwing things is violence; it’s just a much milder form. Actually hitting someone is not the only way to terrorize them. You see that anger can lead to an expression of that anger, the problem is in the form of that expression and its intensity.

    We live in an action-oriented era of immediate gratification and visceral pleasure. We’re steeped in media violence constantly, and even news broadcasts are high-energy and alarmist. We don’t value patience and thoughtfulness and intellect; we do value emotions and our own convenience and self-esteem.

    Add to this that young sports heroes often have been in the spotlight since a very young age, and have not had many “being thwarted” experiences in life. They’re used to getting their way, even being coddled. The other side of this coin is a nation that idolizes sports and media figures and makes them popular, powerful and wealthy.

    What we never seem to talk about is that violence towards women (and violence in general — all these shootings, for example) is hugely aided and abetted by our culture. If we would really solve the problem, we need to change how we go about our business. We need to take a close look at what we do in the name of entertainment.

  2. distantshipsmoke

    I don’t understand why he is still free and not in jail. Why in our 21st century civilized society we can watch a grown man waylay a woman and he doesn’t have charges against him just because she will not file. I believe that the law should be that any public prosecutor / policeman / citizen that has witnessed a man doing this and has material proof, video proof in this case, they should be able to file charges in the name of society. We do not want these kinds of violent people walking our streets. His actions are not acceptable.


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