Xanga 2.0: 1st Year Full Review: The “Anti-Social” Network

This is an excellent overview of what happened with the old Xanga.



About a year ago, Xanga Inc, shut down “Xanga 1.0” and launched “Xanga 2.0” on a “WordPress” platform, which was billed as a bold new upgrade to its aging predecessor. The new version has a pay-wall so users have to pay $48 a year for the privilege of blogging.

The initial launch of “2.0” was anything but smooth with many people not even aware Xanga 1.0 was shutting down- due to Xanga not sending a global email or creating a global splash page informing users of what was being planned. My two initial reviews on this transition can be seen here: (1) Preliminary Review, 2) Review). The prevailing hope of all those optimistic about Xanga’s “upgrade” back then was that things would improve over time and they would soon have their own comfortable and familiar Xanga back.

Well, a year has come and gone and unfortunately the poor quality of the…

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One thought on “Xanga 2.0: 1st Year Full Review: The “Anti-Social” Network

  1. stephensmustang1

    Yeah, I had premium so I could use the Xanga 2.0 but I really disliked it. I tried several times to blog and keep up with Xanga as I totally enjoyed the old one, but there were too many issues so I just quit. It’s sad–they totally screwed up Xanga.


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