Overnight intruder!

 cricketYesterday I chased a big cricket around my dining room. He finally hid himself well enough that I forgot about him. Last night as I was headed down the hallway toward my comfy bed, I heard him. I mean I HEARD him! He was in the bathroom. This room is mostly tile. The accent rugs from that room were in the washing machine so there was nothing to absorb the sound of him. He was singing in there like the Boyz to Men group used to practice in their school’s bathroom. His chirps were echoing around and amplified. How was I going to ignore that all night? I lifted the wastebasket, the scale, and the towel rack hoping to find him huddled under them. Nope. Not there. There was nothing but tiled walls and floor. Nowhere for him to hide from me. And, of course, he had stopped chirping by then. I left the room to turn down my bed. There he was again! So I went back in there and could not find him! Maybe he was sitting in the floor register? I opened it up and couldn’t see him. How did I handle this? I turned off the light, shut the door, and decided if I shut my bedroom door, too, I just might get a good night’s sleep.

This morning there isn’t one sign of him either visually or audibly. Maybe he did find his way to the basement through the floor vent. I’ll keep an eye out (and ear) and hope he doesn’t turn up just as I’m going to bed again tonight!

4 thoughts on “Overnight intruder!

  1. Wyrd Smythe

    A rare occasion when being severely hard of hearing, especially in the high registers, is a blessing. (On the other hand, the tinnitus usually makes it sound like there’s a billion crickets miles and miles away nearly all the time.)

    1. Marcia Post author

      Sometimes you have to look for the silver lining. My mother was blind but could hear a pin drop from across the room. My oldest granddaughter can’t sleep in a room with a ticking clock. A peaceful sleep is all any of us ask for.

    1. Marcia Post author

      I watered around the house foundation today since it hasn’t rained in forever couldn’t believe all the large crickets bouncing around there. My granddaughter just got a pair of bearded dragons. She buys crickets to feed them. I should try and catch some of these for her. Well, maybe not. I can’t think of anything worse to do on a 100 degree day!


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