Hold that grant?

A county near us is in a tug of war over $6064 in federal grant funds that will expire the end of this month. The County Health Department there planned on using the money to buy IUDs for patients needing help with their birth control expenses. They chose IUDs because they have a 99% effective rate, about 8 points above the birth control pill. (I should play the lottery more! My son came about from an IUD failure.) A county commissioner put a hold on the funds because he felt IUDs cause the murder of a fetus. (Link) Many prominent doctors have come forward to say this is not a truth. Give me a friggin’ break!

I would imagine this same commissioner gripes about the cost of the health department in the first place. He probably complains about the cost to the county for homeless families. He probably thinks people who can’t afford more children just shouldn’t be engaging in sex at all. I realize I am supposing a lot about this man. Not really. He is very common in the U.S. right now. What a blow hard!

Why in the world does he think he can assert his own religious beliefs onto the county he serves? The last time I checked the Constitution, religion should not be a factor in governmental decisions. Can’t he see the benefit to the below-poverty-level families that these funds could provide? Shameless!

Someday the non-voters in these barely able to get by families are going to wake up and start organizing to vote these posers out of office. Poser? The ones who claim they are for those who need help but will vote against them every time. I can’t wait to see it happen!


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