All that GOOP?


Gwyneth Paltrow recently gave a talk to a technology meeting. I used to follow Gwyneth on her website GOOP. I didn’t follow her very long. It became evident very quickly that she and I don’t move or live in the same worlds. Who buys a purse for $5000? Her mother and father were better known to me, so I was interested in her career since it started. I’ve never been very impressed despite her Oscar win. And what’s this about conscious uncoupling? lol  So have I ever given her a disparaging word online? Absolutely not!

I have a rule. If I complain or criticize, then I must also praise and recommend. It doubles the workload to state my opinion. So I just don’t unless it is very extraordinary conditions.

So, as Gwyneth says in her presentation, why are the internet tweeters and instagrammers and all the other too convenient outlets always so full of bile and evil comments? She claims it is part of the evolution of man. We will be better for our learning to sluff off these comments and keep moving forward. I disagree with this. Yes, it is impacting our evolution; it is taking evolution in the opposite direction. We are turning into a society of critical, mean-spirited individuals. What happened to “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all?” I was raised on that rule. It has served me well in life. Just stop and think before you say it. The invisibility of the internet takes accountability out of the picture. Go ahead and say it. Nobody will know who you are. It won’t matter.

Well it does matter. We are learning to take this new life skill into everyday things; to the workplace, social gatherings, and even traffic on the road. The French have a reputation for being rude. We have caught up to them and maybe surpassed them at this point in that sense. David Letterman said when he tried Twitter for a bit, “It is where you say things that you probably should have kept to yourself in the first place.” Amen, Mr. Letterman.


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