Today the Wichita news is all about a 1-yr-old boy who was shot by his 4-yr-old brother. The little guy died. They were playing in a bedroom where a loaded semi-automatic handgun was kept in a night stand drawer. The older child did not take the gun out of the drawer. He pulled the trigger and the shot went through the drawer into his little brother’s chest. Two adult men (one the boys’ father) were in the living room when this happened. Charges against the father are pending.

I feel for this father. The dispatcher said he was so upset when he called for help that he couldn’t remember his address. Well no shit! I’m sure he is rethinking his gun ownership view today. Maybe he isn’t. I’m sure the judge and jury he will face will condemn him for not keeping this gun in a lock box. In my opinion his right to keep this unlocked gun in his home is far outweighed by his son’s right to live and breathe. So senseless! And sadly nobody ever takes a lesson like this to heart. After all, it will never happen in their home. Their kids have been instructed to stay out of the drawer with the gun. This bumper sticker makes just as much sense.



2 thoughts on “Senseless!

  1. stephensmustang1

    We’ve had handguns in our home since our boys were little, HOWEVER, they were 1) locked up and 2) the ammo locked in a different place. When the boys grew up and were old enough to handle it, we taught them how to shoot–safety first though. We do have a right to bear arms, but the safety of others is so important…you can’t over look that. I can’t imagine the pain this father must be going through (the little boy will never outlive it either). I also can’t imagine leaving a loaded handgun (or a gun where one can get the ammo and load it) out where children or anyone can get to it. sigh. What is this world coming to?


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