Trending on my twitter (if I used Twitter)

Image1. I heard David Letterman say about Twitter, “It’s where people say things they probably should have kept to themselves.” Brilliant! So Letterman is trending at my house. I’ve watched The Tonight Show since Steve Allen was the host. The memory of my older brother rolling on the floor, laughing like a fool over Steve’s antics is vivid in my mind. Carson was my favorite over the years. How many nights did I go to sleep listening to him on the bedside radio that played tv station audio? More than a few, at least until I put a tv in my bedroom. Leno was just “meh”. I’m anxious to see how Colbert can handle Letterman’s legacy show. Right now we watch/listen to whomever has the most interesting guests after we check listings. I’ll put Colbert into that rotation. It’s all about the guests, after all, in our house.

2. I’m so sick and tired of all the coverage of a “LOST” (mirrors the tv show) airplane and the trial of the amputee runner in Australia. Meanwhile there are sabers being rattled by Putin and the war-mongers in the United States. Cover that, will you?

3. The pictures of the royal couple and baby have been fun. I’m just wishing and hoping it is not all for show and a big, newsy divorce isn’t down the road.

4. I had my thyroid taken out one week ago today. Would you believe I’ve bounced back about 95% already? Swallowing those first 48 hours was an adventure, but things leveled out pretty fast. My ENT specialist also trained as a plastic surgeon. There is going to be a scar but very well disguised.

5. I’m farming. No, not my yard or the back 40. A free online farming game. I’ve been there before on facebook. It was worry about my animals and crops being abandoned that made me hesitant to quit facebook several years ago. There was a little withdrawal, but I didn’t miss all the angst, envy, and guilt that damn site always gave me. Who really posts what is real on there? I have a feeling nobody. So this new farm is independent and doesn’t even have a chat going all the time. It’s perfect! Gotta go. There is a baby goat due about right now. Goat cheese sells for a premium!



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