Loners Beware

ImageI married into a long line of loners. My mother-in-law was the only one of her siblings to marry. These are people who existed on the fringe of society. They kept good jobs, but outside of that they shunned any life outside of their homes. Home was their sanctuary. They seemed very satisfied with their lives. They had nieces and nephews, thanks to their sister, who helped where they could in their last days and were mournful when they died. A news piece about such a loner caught my eye.She wasn’t as lucky. She died alone and it went unnoticed for years until her auto bill pays run her bank out of funds and the bank foreclosed. A workman found her when he came to the house to see what repairs were needed to put the it on the market.

Can you imagine having your death hidden by the technology we embrace so heartily these days? That, my friends, is a good reason to procreate! Someone needs to be around to check on us now and then. Maybe just a missed Christmas card would have sufficed.

But it seems the ability to live beyond one’s time has spread a little farther. She voted in an election a couple of years after she supposedly died. (LINK) Oh no! Let’s not bring voter fraud into this.

I am happy to report that my own life brims with children and grandchildren who will notice if I don’t report in now and then. I have one granddaughter who might fall into that loner pitfall someday. She will embrace having her bills paid by technology. She loves her alone time and counts on it. I’ll let her brother and sister worry about that. Someday.




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