The Odd Smells of Spring

I live in central Kansas, right in the center of the state and about 50 miles or so from the sign proclaiming it the spot that is the geographic center of the main 48 states. It is a temperate climate in winter most of the time. We do have some zero degree mornings and an occasional snow that causes school to be canceled. This has been a cold, snowy winter. Husband and I remarked the other day that our driveway has never been scooped as much as this season in the almost 20 years we have lived in this house. Spring is welcome here. Today we got a taste of 75 degrees. I hope it hangs on!

But with spring comes the reawakening of local farmers. Their fields are covered with stubble and weeds after last fall’s harvest. They burn this off. As you look around the horizon in every direction, you can see tall towers of smoke rising into the sky before they meet a resistant area of aloft wind and flatten out. They are every where. I can imagine it was a sight seen by towns in Europe as invading armies approached, destroying what was in their paths. The air is thick and smoky. It burns your nose. It is the smell of spring around here.


Another smell comes from the unfortunate skunks who are feeling spring fever and the need to mate. It must be a very strong impulse because they stop and go at it even in well traveled roads. The roadsides are scattered with skunk carcasses always in pairs. It is a sure sign of spring and definitely a very aromatic one!

I can hardly wait for the next anticipated smell – lilacs! Oh so sweet!


2 thoughts on “The Odd Smells of Spring

  1. stephensmustang1

    It rarely snows here but we did get a couple of good snows for our area. The weather here can’t make up it’s mind. In the 70’s today and tomorrow–but suppose to go back down to the 50’s (high) Wed-Friday. sigh.


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