Do I have an excuse for being absent?

Do I! I’ve been overworked and overwhelmed. No, it wasn’t all the holiday hustle and bustle. It was a kitchen remodel we contracted for before Thanksgiving that finally got started (and ended thank goodness!) this last week. We usually do work ourselves except for laying carpet. This time we took the leap of faith (and dollars) to hire a very reputable business to do it for us. They did a wonderful job. And the stress of having 2 or 3 carpenters/plumbers underfoot was kept to a minimum.

The buildup to the actual work involved me unloading all the bottom cabinets so new tops could be put on the counters. With my RA, this took the better part of two weeks. Each item I took out of the cupboard was evaluated for need and usefulness and disposed of if I thought it could go. Everything I kept had to be stacked in the back bedroom until it could be loaded after the job was done. All the drawers had to be removed. It was a long process due to frequent rests to restore my “spoons” (energy).

Each and every layer they installed was more thrilling than the last. I don’t know what I love more! The countertops are great. The undercounter sink is, too. As is the smooth-top cook top. I love the tiled backsplash with glass tile insert. And how about the new faucet? The undercounter lights are life-changing! My husband had installed a new range hood the weekend before. It all came together beautifully.

The last 2 days I have been reloading cabinets from the stash in the bedroom. Why did I save that? Do I really want to put this old thing back in there? Needless to say I’m re-evaluating each item once again. I’m taking it slow. I only need to get the spare bed cleared off before company comes tonight. lol Next will be to install stone outlet covers that have been ordered. So here is a picture!



4 thoughts on “Do I have an excuse for being absent?

  1. hilthethrill

    Ooh! This is my first time wandering in here, and I love your balloon theme. It is an intimidating undertaking to remodel a kitchen, but it looks as though you are triumphant! Now, enjoy it…


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