This morning I heard that term for the first time. (Here) is the story in the news about it. A pampered rich young man used the affluenza defense in a drunk driving case that killed 4 people. It seems the judge bought into it. No prison time for the 16 year old. Instead he gets 10 years of probation that includes 2 years without contact with his family while he attends a rehab program. This isn’t your average rehab facility. It costs almost a half million dollars a year for treatment there. In my opinion his exposure to affluenza will only continue there.

Oh my, what kind of citizens are we creating in the U.S. now? Consumerism and materialism are running the country these days. If I had been the judge in this case, the young man would have been ordered to do his probation in the Philippines where most of the population has lost everything. Involve him in helping them survive and move forward. Expose him to how really privileged he is and to use it for good instead of detriment. I’m afraid this isn’t the first court case we will see in the future where this excuse will be used.


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