Full of anticipation?

Oh, my, but I was excited about Comet ISON. For most of the last year I had read of the predictions for it. There were promises that the comet would be seen during the daylight hours it would be so bright. As the time came close to our being able to see it, I collected all the data I could find on where and when to look for it. We live in the middle of farm country. Our viewing would not be spoiled by city lights. I could hardly wait.

Then the comet started its swing around the sun. I, like so many people, had my anticipation level on high. Soon we would be able to see it! We waited. And waited. No comet came around. On Sunday they posted pictures from satellites of the fragments of ISON headed away from us. The sun destroyed it. Sure, they had predicted it could happen. But would it really?  (LINK)


It is sad and amazing at the same time that this comet would come on a journey from big bang origins to flame out into its first orbit around our sun. So I’m back to hoping that there will be another “comet of the century” come around while I’m still on earth to see it.



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