My most memorable Thanksgiving

The year was 1969. That Thanksgiving was special to me because I brought my newborn daughter home from the hospital that day. We went to my mom’s. She held the holiday meal until I was discharged from the hospital and all settled in. I certainly know the baby got more attention than Mom’s bountiful, delicious spread of food. Up until that day I never would eat dressing. It just looked yucky. For some reason that day it smelled so good I just had to have some. Why was my taste different than last year? Maybe I grew up more in that year between Thanksgivings than I even knew.

Fast forward until 1995 when that daughter had her own Thanksgiving baby, a son. It is fun to watch how their two birthdays bounce around the actual 4th Thursday of November. This year my grandson celebrates his 18th birthday on Thanksgiving. Oh how time flies.

It is just Husband and I for our holiday this year. My son and his family are at her parents’ home. My daughter just moved and we are postponing getting together until the weekend so she can settle in a bit first. So my little 8 pound turkey spins in the rotisserie and will soon fill the house with lots of good smells. And there will be dressing. Lots of dressing!

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your day!


4 thoughts on “My most memorable Thanksgiving

    1. Marcia Post author

      It was OK. I deviated from my usual recipe by buying packaged bread cubes preseasoned instead of making them from scratch. The texture and flavor was just off. Lesson learned.


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