The Ying/Yang of Life

ImageI will start this with a fact. I have always been a pacifist. War makes no sense to me. I would have been marching in Washington D.C. in the 60’s and early 70’s had I not been landlocked in the Midwest away from most of the action. I was raising babies and not protesting as I yearned to do.

Several years ago I bought a light system at Christmas that had five blocks to insert mini-lights through various holes to spell out a greeting. I chose to make PEACE. I staked it in front of the bushes street-side. It was my “statement” and also the start of our involvement in the wars after 9/11. My husband became afraid locals would disapprove of my sign and propel bricks through our front windows. Remember back at that time it was “unamerican” to be against those military actions? I took it down. In fact, I threw it away.

So I am having a hard time embracing events unfolding in our family. My grandson turns 18 in a couple of weeks. He will graduate from high school at the end of the semester. He plans on joining the Marines. Oh dear… I am excited for him because he is all gung ho about it. I’ve never seen him so focused on anything since his Play Station 3. He should know this week if the paperwork has gone through.

So I am walking along the top of the fence line right now. I want him to find his way into a solid future. I also don’t want him to be put in harm’s way. I’m trying to stay neutral. I haven’t said anything negative or positive for that matter. Oh, well, I did ask him if he saw the movie Hurt Locker yet and encouraged him to watch it before he makes any big decisions. A grandma has to try doesn’t she?


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