This Halloween will be different.

Today I look forward to the ghosts and goblins. Usually I sit in my living room with a BIG bowl of candy to pass out to the treaters. Sometimes I have 25 of them. Sometimes I have less than 5. Last year I had zero! Our town started haunted trails where the merchants set up stations to pass out candy to the costumed kiddies who walk through. I live in a town of 4000. This Halloween event draws 800 to 1200 kids! I think the success of this has taken them off the streets into a safer environment. It is well embraced by the parents.

So what makes this year different? I’m not at home. I came to visit my grandchildren. They range in age from 19 to 5. The two little ones are really into the costumes and candy this year. Their father for the second year in a row built a Cylon pumpkin. He’s still a kid at heart or maybe just a big nerd at heart? lol Here’s a video to show what that is all about.

So tonight we will trek to Sonic to buy 50 cent Halloween corn dogs, eat some pumpkin bread I’m baking as I type (you should smell it!), and hopefully have a few kids ringing the doorbell. My teen grandkids are dressing up for various parties of their own, so I think it will be me manning the door. It has been pouring down rain for the last two days. They promise it will end before time to venture out. I hope so. The little ones have really been excited about the candy caches they will amass tonight. Happy Halloween!


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