Isn’t technology wonderful?

ImageThis morning I read that a very enterprising company is marketing Shreddies. A new cereal perhaps? No – they are underwear. Very specifically they are underwear that take the stink out of farts. For real! I tried clicking on the link from the Huffington Post where I read the article about them. It crashed. So I googled them and went directly to their website. It crashed. I’m thinking they are getting a lot of business from being in the news!

So that brings my mind to who is on this website this morning. Wives? Sorry ladies; stinky farts are not exclusive to men. My sister is a good example of that. I had her in mind when I wanted to check out these Shreddies. I recently spent a week at her home. Oh my! She blamed it on her two adult labs. I pointed out they weren’t always in the room. lol

If the website being overloaded is any indication, there must be a world of suffering people out there who are drawn to spicy or high-fiber food. Then again, it could be people shopping with Christmas in mind for the ultimate gag gift. (Pun intended!) by the way.


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