Oh, woe is me…


As much as I would like to say I am not hooked on the internet, it would appear that I am if the last several days have been any indication. I had an intermittent signal. Some of the time I had use of the internet, sometimes I did not. When it was in you couldn’t trust it to stay on long enough to do anything important. Did I say I am lost when it comes to technical things? My universal solution for everything is to unplug it and plug it back in. Usually it will fix a problem. This time it didn’t do it. My resident IT guy was working out of state. I was left alone to deal with it. He certainly didn’t need to take care of it on his weekends home. Bless his heart he did crawl up into the attic and replace all the internet cables in the house. I did my part by buying a new modem and placing it in service. I got all the way to verifying the new modem online and the signal went out. So I called “the man”. My experiences with their helpful service line have left me nearly in tears. They always make me feel like I’m a dunce and a dummy for not knowing anything. I think they take pride in talking over my head and confusing me. It certainly doesn’t take much to do that to me!

So I wait for 2 days for the technician to come to the house. He just left. He replaced the line from the pole to the house. I have a good internet signal right now. My fingers are itching to do something significant online. I know! I’ll check my bank balance. If it doesn’t dump me offline, I think I’m good to go. Maybe. To be determined…


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