New technology – necessary?

I read this morning of a new technology that allows parents to monitor their sleeping babies.

On first thought it seemed like a marvelous idea. Then it occurred to me that the parents who would use this item are the kind of parents who would hover and fuss and worry anyway. The neglected little ones who really could use the help will never benefit from it.

I never had a baby monitor when my two babies were little. They always let me know when they were awake and needed something. Oh, with the first I would tip toe to the door and peep in to check on her. With the second he would have to be raising a ruckus before I ventured in. Need I say that he literally shook the “spokes” out of the drop sides of his crib? “That’s it,” I said. “It is a big boy bed for you!” He was less than a year and a half at the time.


Fast forward many years to the grandchildren. Their mothers used monitors. My daughter even bought one for my house. I found them convenient but not necessary. I was always tuned in to every squeak they made. I still have that baby monitor. The little girl who was a baby at that time is now a sophomore in college.

Confession time! I still use that monitor. Let’s play a game and see if you can guess what I use it for now! I’m holding my breath to see your responses. Keep them clean! lol


5 thoughts on “New technology – necessary?

      1. Marcia Post author

        I like to sit outside in the sun. I can’t read there and don’t like listening to music, so I put the base next to the TV. The other part I take into the yard with me. That way I can listen to my afternoon soaps. 🙂

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