What do you see…

when you look in a mirror? You, as you actually are or what you remember you used to look like? I visited a website that addressed this actual question.


I must confess that I am quite startled when I glimpse myself in a mirror. Is that me? How did I get so old? When did my mother come into the room?

Today I had my hair cut. It was overdo and I relished it. I tried taking a “selfie” to forward to my hubby and sister. After 6 tries I gave up. It seemed impossible to get a shot that didn’t make me look 80 years old. Oh my.

I think I’m ready for one of those “mirror, mirror on the wall” things.


3 thoughts on “What do you see…

    1. Marcia Post author

      I haven’t styled it myself yet. That is when you decide if it was a good cut or not. This was a different stylist than I usually go to. She said she has had some clients using Bosley products to regrow hair and they’ve had some success. I got online and ordered some. I wish it would work sooner than 6-8 months though!


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