U Design Track Rods

I have a patio door in my dining room that has been a challenge in the curtain department. In the 18 years we have been in this house, I’ve tried everything. Vertical blinds worked well in function but not in a finished look. Besides my little (at the time) grandkids just loved playing with them. I was always having to rehang some strips after they went home. This door is on the north side of the house. In the winter it needs thermal drapes to keep the chill out. These drapes are extremely heavy. The rod needed to have several supports across the top to keep it stable. These supports blocked the fabric from being pulled all the way to one side as I preferred. I was frustrated by this patio door problem.

A new mega lumber/home store opened near me. I always walk through the whole store when in one different than the usual one I go to. In the curtain department I found U Design Universal Track System rods. OMG! The clips slide along the bottom and can travel the whole length of the rod without any impedance. We have enjoyed pulling back these heavy drapes now without hitting any snags.


I mention this today because Hubby and I spent the morning installing these rods over our bedroom windows. Well, Hubby did do all of the work. Just confessing here. I put the lined draperies from there into the washing machine. I can’t wait to hang them!


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