I forgot this feeling.

Yesterday I bought a new bath mat. My daughter is always concerned that I keep some good traction in my shower. I’m getting to an age where a fall there would be serious especially since I am alone so much during the week.

I proudly place the new pebble mat in the tub and eagerly jumped in today. Oh my! I forgot this feeling! That new mat exactly replicates the early RA pain in the joints of my feet. I used to tell my husband it felt like I was always walking on rocks. This mat certainly feels that way. It does have good traction though. It will be interesting to hear what he has to say the first time he uses it. I can finally clue him in to what it felt like for me before the biologic meds.


The tub itself is harvest gold. House was built in 1976 after all, and it is a good steel/porcelain tub. The mat is clear. The jury is still out on this mat. We will keep it for a while for sure. I’m thinking we have kept so many before well past their “time”. Meantime I will just be glad I stand on it instead of sit on it!


5 thoughts on “I forgot this feeling.

  1. 67andgood

    I have this same mat. I got the first one for our little RV bath and liked it because I could spray bleach and water on it to keep mold from growing. I got the second one for our down sizer and I like it too.


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