According to WP I now have 10 followers. Oh the pressure to come up with something interesting. Let’s see…

I am becoming very challenged in the hair department. How does that happen? 10 years of meds that cause hair loss, a genetic predisposition to thinning hair, and the inability some days to get my arms up high enough to fix the back of my hair. I’ve been putting off a hair cut. I’m getting pretty good at a female “comb over” to hide the scalp showing through on top, but it is getting unmanageable. So it is time for a trim.. maybe.

This week I have RA bloodwork (scheduled every 2 months) before going to my 6 month checkup with the doctor in early Sept. I’m happy to report my disease is pretty much under control as long as I behave myself and don’t over do. My bloodwork has been normal ever since I stopped taking Arava a year ago. That is a very bad drug for me. We have tried twice with it and both times my liver tests went high. It is OK. I am doing ok on Immuran and Humira.

I’m thinking I will take the trip out of town for my blood tests and combine it with a hair cut. I’ve always had great hair. When nothing else on me was pulled together, my hair always was. I’m in a little crisis here over my hair.

What have I tried? The OTC hair regrowth spray was first. Then I bought a Kerenique system of shampoo, conditioner, and regrowth spray. I did this along with hair/nail vitamins. It worked for a while then started falling out again. I get up from the couch and it looks like a Persian cat was shedding there all day. My hairdresser works for a dermatologist and told me they sell the Hair Max there for hair loss. I bought one, tried it for 9 weeks, and when no regrowth was sprouting at that point, I sent it back. I’m back to square one. Any ideas?


6 thoughts on “10!

  1. brickhousechick

    Congrats on your 10th follower, was that me? hee,hee. I feel like I am reading about myself. Prednisone has caused my hair loss and it’s getting scary. I shed so much it’s crazy!! I too am nervous about the future of my hair or lack there of. I’m sure you have tried vitamin E along with all the other things. Maybe a cute new haircut will help your mood about it!

    Arava almost killed me! My platelets went down to very dangerous levels while on it. Bad stuff! I still take prednisone among my many other drugs. Humira did not work for me but Rituxan is definitely making a difference. So glad your RA is under control. 🙂

    1. degrees of disruption Post author

      Yes, I take that along with folic acid all this years with the MTX. RA doc had me on 4 mg daily until she went to a conference and was told that over 1 mg a day could be carcinogenic according to new studies. It never seemed to help much anyway.

      Funny that the hair/nail vitamins I take (rich in biotin) have my nails rock hard. At least it is working in that direction. I’ve thought about having my thyroid checked, but every time they do, it comes out normal.

  2. mysengupta02

    My miracle vitamin is Fish Oil.

    I am on 0.8ml/mg of MTX and before I started the fish oil I was a mess. My hair fell out. It thinned and broke easily. Overall, the condition was pretty poor. I started taking one fish oil capsule every night and within two weeks I saw a noticeable difference.

    My hair still falls out but not as much. It is also stronger and shinier.

    It has also helped my nails as well!



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