The heart of a nut?


At 10:00 this morning I grabbed a handful of almonds to snack on. I try to do this twice a day for the nutritional value. Dr. Oz recommends it. He keeps almonds in his jacket pocket at all times.

What made this snack different? One of the nuts squished in my mouth as I bit down on it. Oh my… did my mind run rampant for all the reasons it would have done that. Nuts can go bad. Nuts can get bugs. Nuts can contain a worm. I fought the impulse to spit the mouthful out, blanking my mind as I chewed. Don’t think about it. I made it.

So now as I remind myself people in undeveloped nations eat bugs and worms as part of their diet, I will be waiting to see if I’m beset by sudden illness. And next time I eat my almonds I will examine each one before I pop it into my mouth instead of the whole lot of them at once. This is a 2 on my degrees of disruption scale. HA



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