First and Lasts


First blog post: I don’t even know what it was about. It was on another site under another username. I kept that blog for 8 years before moving on to another. The new one is still open but very inactive. WP is new to me.

First uncensored cinema: I was 5. My older brother was 13 and wanted to go to the movies. Mom would only let him go if he took me with him. This was a small town. One theater. One movie showing at a time. We got there and he sat me down in the FRONT row of seats. “Don’t move. Don’t move at all until I come back for you!” he admonished. Where did he go? Up into the upper balcony with his buddies (and girls, too, I’m sure). The movie playing was TARANTULA ( – 80 minutes of sheer hell for a 5-yr-old who didn’t even have a TV at home yet. I had nightmares for years about those fuzzy legs coming through my bedroom ceiling.

First childhood memory: A tornado came through our town in the middle of the afternoon. I was probably almost 4 because my sister hadn’t been born yet. All the trees lining the street where I lived were blown over into the road. I can remember running around in circles in the living room screaming, “I wish my Daddy was here! He would save me!” as the wind shook our house.

First love: Max Anderson in kindergarten. It was mutual. We even became engaged. It seems his mother got new wedding rings, so he got the old one out of her jewelry box and gave it to me. My mother got a call from her asking for it back when he confessed. Then he moved away. Love no more.

Moment I met my significant other: It was second grade. He was a country school kid moving into town school when they shut down the one-room school system. He claims he fell in love with me the first day he laid eyes on me. I was less impressed. He was just the boy who lived down the street until senior year. Then it was just so easy to love him.

Possession I would take if my house was on fire: I have a plastic file box with a handled lid that I keep important papers in. Passports, car titles, deed to the house, insurance information. Life is in that box. It would be the first thing I would grab along with my med box. Decisions, decisions!

First job I had: For pay? My bbf and I would hire out to her mother twice a year for spring and fall cleaning. Her mother really went at it. Bed springs were taken into the yard for hosing off. Blinds taken down to be washed. Rugs hung on the clothesline and beaten. (No, it wasn’t before vacuums. Lol) She paid us hourly wages until the job was done. And I wonder why I hate to spring clean at my house! As a teen I worked all through high school as a checker at the grocery store.

First time you really embarrassed yourself in public: I rode my bicycle back and forth to weekly piano lessons. One route took me to this MAJOR hill which required getting off and pushing my bike. The other route was more gradual but took me through downtown. I nearly always took that way. One time as I was coming home (I figure my age at 10.) as I was passing in front of the grocery store (yes that same store at which I would later work), a shopper stepped out of the door in front of me. I swerved and hit the board that was keeping a shipment of on sale watermelons in front of the store. The melons started rolling toward the street ledge, over and beyond. I was so scared that I just kept pedaling, repeatedly glancing over my shoulder to make sure nobody was chasing me. Oh the broken-open watermelons I saw behind me!

Last blog post: About change and how we cope.

Thing I cooked: I am at my daughter’s home vising this week. We have been frequenting the local restaurants every evening. So I can quite confidently say the last thing I cooked was a bowl of oatmeal yesterday morning. Did I say I have an obsession with oatmeal? Well I do.

Last movie I saw: Beasts of the Southern Wild ( on TV. We live far from a movie theater and seldom travel to see one. Thank goodness for Direct TV!

Last book I read: The Fort about 3 boys who built a tree house in the woods and get caught up in a kidnapping when they see too much.

Last person I kissed: My 4-yr old grandson. Right on the top of his head!

Last time I told a little white lie: Funny now that I think about it, I haven’t told a lie little or big since my mother passed away last summer. I avoided talking to her like the plague. Conversations with her were full of diversions and deflections. It was a stressful relationship. Normally I am a very straight shooter. She brought out the worst in me.

Last time I did something really scary: Lots of things are scary for me to do. Driving in city traffic is major for me. The most frightening thing I’ve ever done is have open-heart surgery. How did I cope? I had to “give it up” and “go with the flow”. There was nothing I could do to change it or the outcome. What would be would be. Thankfully it all turned out well.

Last time I swore like a sailor: Confession time. I’m finding myself having to filter what I say more and more. I was probably 30 years old before “fuck” crossed my lips. I was raised good girls don’t use that language. My husband on the other hand can’t talk without letting it fly. After 44 years with him and more and more time spent with just him alone, I can match him word for word. I think I need to spend more time around women. Then again, I think the days of “dainty talk” is over even for them, too.

Last time I was pulled over by a cop: Never have been! Ever! The only time I attracted a cop was once when I had a new car. We had an automatic for the previous 12 years. This new one was a 5-speed stick shift. As I came out of the gym one day, my car was not where I parked it. As a friend and I stood there totally bewildered, a police car pulled up and asked if we needed help. I explained my problem. He looked around and pointed to the back of the parking lot. “Is that your car?” “Oh yes! But that isn’t where I left it!” He laughed and asked if I had just got it. When I said I had, he laughed again. Whew! At least the slope was very gradual as it took its lone journey across the parking lot. And thank goodness the parking lot was mostly empty!

Last reality TV show I watched: Naked and Afraid. ( Have you seen this crazy show? Unbelievable! Check it out.

Last time I cried: Last Friday when my daughter called and said she couldn’t spend another work week alone with all the stress she is under. Of course I can come, but not before I have a good cry over all she is going through. I rarely cry about anything for myself. I didn’t even cry when they wheeled me off to have my heart fixed.

Last time I laughed hysterically: I cannot remember what it was about now. It was one of those silly comments one mate makes to another that is so true that we got the giggles, then belly laughs, then tears running down our cheeks from laughing so hard. These are so rare. I wish I could remember what it was about. I do know you had to be there.

Last good deed I did: This rescue mission to help my over-whelmed daughter. The next one will be to help my sister after she has shoulder surgery in Sept.

Last indulgence: I usually eat sensible. Too sensible. Last night I had a dinner out with son and his family. I ordered a calzone. OMG! It was so big and I ate every bit of it!

I’ve seen the first/last posts as I look around WP. Maybe you know more about me now that I’ve done one.


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