Change – inevitable and always unexpected?

ImageI’ve experienced a lot of changes in my 62 years. Some have been well-thought-out and planned. Others were a shock and out of the blue. Some have been positive and some negative. Luckily it has been more to the good side. Remembering back, I have to say that as I was experiencing these changes it seemed pretty bleak sometimes. Things usually turned out well and the angst soon became a faded memory.

Would I have made different choices in those hard times had I known it would get better? Or if the plans were ill-fated? Probably not. I’m not like a leaf letting the wind determine my direction in life, but I do tend to go with the flow most of the time.

I can gladly report that my life has evolved into one of stability and few surprises. Only health remains a struggle. And as long as I have my good doctor and excellent insurance, I don’t sweat that either.

It is my children who are struggling with change right now. They are making hard choices that seem to be their only options. Their children are the ones digging in their heels resisting what life is dictating to them. It is adding so much stress to an already stressful situation. What happened to the old “one for all and all for one” or “we’ll get through this together” attitudes? Is it just the teenaged mentality of these times, or are people in general getting more and more self-centered?

I keep telling my daughter that 5 years from now this will all seem like a blur in her memory. She’s wanting to block it all out now. I don’t blame her. Meantime I’m feeling helpless other than to lend a shoulder to lean on. But darn I hate to see my kid suffer when she tries so hard and gets so little help in return.

Motherhood never ends. You always worry about your kids no matter what.


One thought on “Change – inevitable and always unexpected?

  1. Deborah the Closet Monster

    I’ve been feeling a little change resistant the last few days, but I’ve been trying to temper it with a reminder things do tend to work out well no matter how I fuss about them at the time. I wish your daughter the fortitude to make it through not only changes in her life, but the change resistance from her children.


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