Define my blog?

I can’t. It isn’t a personal blog with family events and pictures. I had one of those years ago. It became a problem for me with family members wanting to get too involved, so I shut it down and went undercover. Why continue at all?

I spend a lot of time alone. Sometimes I can go days without a conversation with someone else. Family calls now and then. My husband is working away for blocks of time and home about an equal amount. So what do I do with the thoughts that come with news stories, weather events, or insanity in the world? I blog them.

I wish I could take a fantastic photograph to post. Or compose a witty or deep poem. Fiction? I love to read it but can’t create it. Maybe I’m just a left brain person. So I found this test to determine which side I use and went through it.

I’m right! According to my results, I am 65% left brained. How do you measure?
Do you think your percentage is correct? Mine is spot on!


3 thoughts on “Define my blog?

    1. degrees of disruption Post author

      Then it would appear you are more balanced than me. lol My husband just took the test and came out with your same percentages only flipped with left as dominant. I found the test rather hard to comprehend sometimes.


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