Blood Lust

ImageNo, I am not talking vampires or zombies or mass murderers. I’m talking mosquitoes. Our frequent rains this spring have created a bumper crop of mosquitoes in our area. Did I mention I hate mosquitoes? And ticks? Blood suckers both.

We stay all buttoned up in our home with air conditioner running. There is little need to go outdoors except maybe once or twice a day. How in the world do mosquitoes manage to get inside the house? They must come in with us; following the scent of our bodies like the predators they are.

To my surprise this morning I find a big red splotch on the kitchen floor. After a query to my mate to make sure he didn’t drop a strawberry from the bowl in the fridge, I looked closer. Sure enough. There was a squished mosquito next to the red stain. He must have been feeding on us all night. Full of our blood, he must not have been very agile for it seems we stepped on him! I’ve spend hours trying to slap a landing, pesky mosquito. He couldn’t even escape a footfall. Serves him right.

Yes, we have now covered our exposed flesh in OFF and will do so again before we slumber in our bed.

I hate mosquitoes.


3 thoughts on “Blood Lust

    1. degrees of disruption Post author

      Someone reminded me about Skin So Soft being a good repellent. I had some talc in that scent, so now I sprinkle it over the sheets when I make the bed. We haven’t been bothered in a while. Thanks for stopping by!


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