calendar day doneOh my. My blog name reflects the 30000 days of the average lifespan. Doesn’t it seem like a lot of days? It did to me until I started doing the math. This equals 82.19 years in total. Then more math revealed to me that I have used up 75% of my allotted time! And if the norm is true, the last 25% will be more and more of a challenge. Makes me grumpy to think about it. So now I am becoming cliche (grumpy old person).

My husband asked me yesterday if we have wasted our time on earth or if we were going to waste the rest of it. I told him as long as he is nice to me and I am nice to him we are good. Who says we each and every one of us has to make a big impact on society. Sometimes taking care of business and each other is about the most we can boast about. I had no big goals, no amazing journeys to tread, no major discovery to unearth, no Pulitzer-winning novel to write.  I am satisfied with how life has played out for me.

Now I must focus on making the most of these last 20 years while I am still capable of participating in the doing.


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