Take off your shirt!

This has been a conversation in our house. I do the laundry. It is a pet peeve of mine to turn shirts back from inside out in order to wash them. As the video demonstrates, there is a way to take off a shirt that leaves it right for me to wash it. It is just a simple adjustment on where you grab the shirt when you pull it off. I do mine correctly. I think about it as I take it off. The video shows a new way to take it off. This might work for a 10-yr-old but not necessarily for someone with shoulder and neck issues. The next time I have to stick my hand into a smelly, dirty shirt to prep for the laundry, I will think about this video instead of my irritation.

Trending on my twitter (if I used Twitter)

Image1. I heard David Letterman say about Twitter, “It’s where people say things they probably should have kept to themselves.” Brilliant! So Letterman is trending at my house. I’ve watched The Tonight Show since Steve Allen was the host. The memory of my older brother rolling on the floor, laughing like a fool over Steve’s antics is vivid in my mind. Carson was my favorite over the years. How many nights did I go to sleep listening to him on the bedside radio that played tv station audio? More than a few, at least until I put a tv in my bedroom. Leno was just “meh”. I’m anxious to see how Colbert can handle Letterman’s legacy show. Right now we watch/listen to whomever has the most interesting guests after we check listings. I’ll put Colbert into that rotation. It’s all about the guests, after all, in our house.

2. I’m so sick and tired of all the coverage of a “LOST” (mirrors the tv show) airplane and the trial of the amputee runner in Australia. Meanwhile there are sabers being rattled by Putin and the war-mongers in the United States. Cover that, will you?

3. The pictures of the royal couple and baby have been fun. I’m just wishing and hoping it is not all for show and a big, newsy divorce isn’t down the road.

4. I had my thyroid taken out one week ago today. Would you believe I’ve bounced back about 95% already? Swallowing those first 48 hours was an adventure, but things leveled out pretty fast. My ENT specialist also trained as a plastic surgeon. There is going to be a scar but very well disguised.

5. I’m farming. No, not my yard or the back 40. A free online farming game. I’ve been there before on facebook. It was worry about my animals and crops being abandoned that made me hesitant to quit facebook several years ago. There was a little withdrawal, but I didn’t miss all the angst, envy, and guilt that damn site always gave me. Who really posts what is real on there? I have a feeling nobody. So this new farm is independent and doesn’t even have a chat going all the time. It’s perfect! Gotta go. There is a baby goat due about right now. Goat cheese sells for a premium!


Loners Beware

ImageI married into a long line of loners. My mother-in-law was the only one of her siblings to marry. These are people who existed on the fringe of society. They kept good jobs, but outside of that they shunned any life outside of their homes. Home was their sanctuary. They seemed very satisfied with their lives. They had nieces and nephews, thanks to their sister, who helped where they could in their last days and were mournful when they died. A news piece about such a loner caught my eye.She wasn’t as lucky. She died alone and it went unnoticed for years until her auto bill pays run her bank out of funds and the bank foreclosed. A workman found her when he came to the house to see what repairs were needed to put the it on the market.

Can you imagine having your death hidden by the technology we embrace so heartily these days? That, my friends, is a good reason to procreate! Someone needs to be around to check on us now and then. Maybe just a missed Christmas card would have sufficed.

But it seems the ability to live beyond one’s time has spread a little farther. She voted in an election a couple of years after she supposedly died. (LINK) Oh no! Let’s not bring voter fraud into this.

I am happy to report that my own life brims with children and grandchildren who will notice if I don’t report in now and then. I have one granddaughter who might fall into that loner pitfall someday. She will embrace having her bills paid by technology. She loves her alone time and counts on it. I’ll let her brother and sister worry about that. Someday.





Since spring hasn’t started blooming around here yet, I was wanting something to pick up my spirits a little, so I bought some spring for my chair-side table! They are very pretty but not very fragrant. I can hardly wait to bring in a few lilac blooms from the bush outside my bedroom window. Happy Spring tomorrow on the first official day!

The Odd Smells of Spring

I live in central Kansas, right in the center of the state and about 50 miles or so from the sign proclaiming it the spot that is the geographic center of the main 48 states. It is a temperate climate in winter most of the time. We do have some zero degree mornings and an occasional snow that causes school to be canceled. This has been a cold, snowy winter. Husband and I remarked the other day that our driveway has never been scooped as much as this season in the almost 20 years we have lived in this house. Spring is welcome here. Today we got a taste of 75 degrees. I hope it hangs on!

But with spring comes the reawakening of local farmers. Their fields are covered with stubble and weeds after last fall’s harvest. They burn this off. As you look around the horizon in every direction, you can see tall towers of smoke rising into the sky before they meet a resistant area of aloft wind and flatten out. They are every where. I can imagine it was a sight seen by towns in Europe as invading armies approached, destroying what was in their paths. The air is thick and smoky. It burns your nose. It is the smell of spring around here.


Another smell comes from the unfortunate skunks who are feeling spring fever and the need to mate. It must be a very strong impulse because they stop and go at it even in well traveled roads. The roadsides are scattered with skunk carcasses always in pairs. It is a sure sign of spring and definitely a very aromatic one!

I can hardly wait for the next anticipated smell – lilacs! Oh so sweet!

Do I have an excuse for being absent?

Do I! I’ve been overworked and overwhelmed. No, it wasn’t all the holiday hustle and bustle. It was a kitchen remodel we contracted for before Thanksgiving that finally got started (and ended thank goodness!) this last week. We usually do work ourselves except for laying carpet. This time we took the leap of faith (and dollars) to hire a very reputable business to do it for us. They did a wonderful job. And the stress of having 2 or 3 carpenters/plumbers underfoot was kept to a minimum.

The buildup to the actual work involved me unloading all the bottom cabinets so new tops could be put on the counters. With my RA, this took the better part of two weeks. Each item I took out of the cupboard was evaluated for need and usefulness and disposed of if I thought it could go. Everything I kept had to be stacked in the back bedroom until it could be loaded after the job was done. All the drawers had to be removed. It was a long process due to frequent rests to restore my “spoons” (energy).

Each and every layer they installed was more thrilling than the last. I don’t know what I love more! The countertops are great. The undercounter sink is, too. As is the smooth-top cook top. I love the tiled backsplash with glass tile insert. And how about the new faucet? The undercounter lights are life-changing! My husband had installed a new range hood the weekend before. It all came together beautifully.

The last 2 days I have been reloading cabinets from the stash in the bedroom. Why did I save that? Do I really want to put this old thing back in there? Needless to say I’m re-evaluating each item once again. I’m taking it slow. I only need to get the spare bed cleared off before company comes tonight. lol Next will be to install stone outlet covers that have been ordered. So here is a picture!


A Return to the English Countryside

ImageWill I actually make this trip? Sadly, no. I will have to settle for watching the return of Downton Abbey tonight on PBS. This broadcasting gem has been gearing up for a new season. I came late to this series; the last few episodes of season one. I was able to catch up on what I missed on Amazon. Seasons two and three did not disappoint. So this new season will be full of the fallout from what happened last year.

I can remember back to another PBS series Upstairs/Downstairs that was as popular as Downton Abbey. What goes around comes around. It is really just a fancy soap opera. The stars of Downton have been flooding the U.S. talk shows promoting the new shows. How different they look in modern hair, clothes, and makeup! They say there will be one more season after this one. Oh my! What will we do?

How about a British feast in celebration of tonight’s premier? This baking website has a whole roster of yummy things to make for the party. (LINK)